MegaMart Wholesale Club

MegaMart, the brain child of Gassan Azan Jr., revolutionized the landscape of retail shopping with the opening of its first outlet in Portmore on September 1, 1999; a store that spanned 75,000 sq ft. Prior to the opening of MegaMart, shopping was one dimensional but with the advent of MegaMart, shopping in a single location became multifaceted providing under one roof grocery, bakery, haberdashery, clothing, electronics, liquor, food court and even a pharmacy. In essence MegaMart became a one stop shopping experience. In addition customers had the convenience of shopping until 10:00 pm; another first in the retail market.

Originally, conceptualized as a “membership club”, it should be pointed out that MegaMart is not limited to membership only. All persons are welcome to come and enjoy shopping at its best.


With the success of the Portmore location, the operation was replicated in 2003 with the opening of MegaMart Waterloo on December 7th  providing shoppers with 73,000 square feet of shopping convenience.


It was only a natural progression for the operation to be expanded to Montego Bay with the opening of that store on December 7, 2007. This location is the largest of the 3 boasting 100,000 sq ft. Like its sister stores MegaMart Montego Bay also has one stop shopping.


It further became evident that the next step would be Western Jamaica, Bloomfield, provide customers with even greater convenience all the MegaMart locations have ABM machines, a Bill Express outlet to facilitate bill payments, Western Union, and Supreme Venture lotto outlets. FedEx drop off is currently available at Portmore and Waterloo and Redi Photo to get your quick prints, currently at the Waterloo store and further a “Side walk” café. This spans across 90,000 sq.ft. and has the potential of hiring a compliment of approximately 200 staff to compliment the already 850 on board. They broke ground on April 11, 2012.


With a mandate to provide excellent customer service, staff training has become a priority within the organization. Therefore our mission statement is to ensure that MegaMart has a staff compliment with the requisite competence, knowledge and skills to position MegaMart as the premier “one stop store” providing an exceptional shopping experience.  Our training program is geared to expose all employees to training opportunities as follows:

1.     Managers

a.     Strategic planning which will help in establishing clear personal targets/objectives to fall in line with the corporate objectives.

b.     High performance management training to augment management’s capabilities and assist them in the use of performance based appraisal instruments.

c.      The setting of targets and budgets.

d.     Formulation of action plans.

2.     Supervisors (middle management)

a.     Leadership which focuses on basic leadership skills including leading by example.

b.     Communication skills both verbal and written thereby teaching how to provide feedback on the operations within an environment of confidentiality while still providing an atmosphere of openness and trust. Also to master the skills of communicating instructions to employees who they monitor.

3.     Frontline Staff

a.     Product knowledge so staff members will be educated on the features and benefits of the products they sell.

b.     Creation of a customer service culture.

c.      Teaching selling techniques

d.     Team building to create a more unified structure within the organization spanning all departments

One of the objectives of our training program is to promote upward mobility from within the organization.  By implementing what we refer to as a “succession plan”, members of staff, with training, can be transferred or placed in more senior roles. MegaMart spends in excess of $1,000,000.00 annually in training.

Two other areas that MegaMart places great emphasis on are cleanliness and the adequate stocking of our shelves. Staff is trained to be proactive so that their respective departments are fully stocked at all times. Cleanliness is of paramount importance; the bench mark has been set high to ensure that the store maintains the highest levels of cleanliness in all areas.

As the front runner MegaMart having revolutionized retail shopping to create “first world” standards, holds paramount the creation of the ultimate shopping experience. Customers must leave MegaMart feeling that they have had a rewarding experience. Despite the fact that MegaMart has made tremendous strides in retail shopping the owners are always seeking ways to further improve the shopping experience as continued customer satisfaction is first and foremost in their minds. MegaMart…Best Value By Far!




Lot A-E Portmore

Tel: 988-1172, 988-6936

Portmore Pharmacy - 939-0868

Toll Free - 1-888-991-6342



29 Upper Waterloo Road, Kingston 10

Tel: 969-3899, 969-1533, 696-8005, 969-8024, 969-3042

Kingston Pharmacy - 969-0830



101A-101B Catherine Hall, Montego Bay

Tel: 940-0168

Montego Bay Pharmacy - 971-8885